Payment Options

Payment options offered by North Shore Dentist Dr. Marinic

Providing quality dental care to Evanston and the North Shore since 1988

Dr. Marinic wants to be sure that you get the best possible dental care, and that you understand all of your options fully. We will always go over the cost of treatment prior to starting a program with you. We strive to give our patients the care they need and want without letting the expense prevent it.

  • •   We accept cash and checks.

  • •   We accept most dental insurance plans.

  • •   We accept all major credit cards.

  • •   We offer financing from CareCredit. You can get up to 12 months of interest-free financing.

Insurance Accepted

Dental insurance is great! We will gladly help fill out all those complicated forms for you and even accept the assignment of insurance benefits so that your "out of pocket" can be minimized. We will even allow our office insurance "expert" to evaluate your particular insurance plan and work to get you the maximum reimbursement all just for you!

Please bring all your Insurance information or insurance booklet with you to help us out. We cannot bill your insurance unless you bring all insurance information. Should you have any change in your insurance information please inform the practice before your appointment or any services rendered.

You should remember that your insurance policy is a contract between you or your employer and your insurance company, and we are not a party to that contract. What that means is our doctor works for and gets paid by you. i.e., you are ultimately responsible for the payment of all fees for our service.

Concerning Insurance Co-Payments

You will need to pay any deductible and fee co-payments the day of your appointment with cash, check, or Credit Card. If your insurance company has denied or not paid your account in full in 45 days, the balance of your account will then become your responsibility to pay within 15 days.

Please be aware some and perhaps all of the services provided may be "non-covered" service and not considered so-called reasonable and necessary under you insurance program. Regardless of the insurance company’s determination of usual and customary rates or amount of assignment, you are required to pay the full amount charged by our office. There are no write off of fees.


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