Tony 2


Dr. Marinic has done three dental implants for Tony, and several CEREC crowns and fillings. He’s very happy with all of them.

But the real story that Tony likes to tell has to do with something that seemed very simple, but disturbing: he had a bad taste in his mouth. And no matter what he did, nothing made it go away.

Over the course of a year, Tony visited specialist after specialist, but no one could find anything wrong.

Finally, Tony consulted Dr. Marinic, who decided to do a bone density scan. He found what everyone else had missed: when Tony’s wisdom teeth were extracted (by another practitioner), the bone had never healed properly. When Dr. Marinic went in to investigate, he found a small piece of terra-cortil gauze that had been left inside Tony’s bone, and removed it.

The bone healed, and the taste went away completely. Tony says that Dr. Marinic “saved his life” by making it livable again.