Mark 2


Mark was unhappy with a large silver-colored filling that was 10 years old. The amalgam material that had been used for the filling was more than just unsightly: it was about 50% mercury, one of the most toxic substances known. For health and aesthetic reasons, Mark wanted Dr. Marinic to remove the filling and replace it with something biocompatible.

We carefully used a standard, accredited protocol that isolated the tooth and prevented any of the toxic material or gas from the filling to escape back into Mark’s mouth. The procedure was very fast, and Mark said that he didn’t feel anything.

After the thorough removal, Dr. Marinic designed a new inlay for the tooth on his computer, and Mark watched as he made the inlay on our CEREC milling machine. Dr. Marinic placed the inlay, adjusted the bite. Now instead of a large silver-colored tooth, Mark’s tooth looks just like the rest of his teeth.