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Mark was unhappy with a large silver-colored filling that was 10 years old. The amalgam material that had been used for the filling was more than just unsightly: it was about 50% mercury, one of the most toxic substances known. For health and aesthetic reasons, Mark wanted Dr. Marinic to remove the filling and replace …

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Patients 2


Ian had a crown on one of his front teeth, which had been there for many years and needed to be replaced. We discovered, however that the root of that tooth was no longer healthy, and could not support a new crown. We replaced the tooth with an implant instead. Seven years later, Ian says …

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Patients 3


Evelyn has a beautiful smile, and Dr. Marinic has been very happy to help her keep it healthy and beautiful over the last twenty–six years. When she first came to see Dr. Marinic, she had crowns on her top front teeth that she was not happy with, and crooked bottom teeth. Dr. Marinic replaced her …

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Patients 4


When Bob first came to see Dr. Marinic, he had not been to the dentist for a while, and his teeth and gums were showing the signs of that neglect. Dr. Marinic worked with Bob to put together a treatment plan that would restore his teeth and gums to a healthy, functional condition. First, Dr. …

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Patients 5


Lina has been a patient of Dr. Marinic’s for more than 26 years, and says that she likes coming to see us because Dr. Marinic is always up to date and current on the latest techniques in his field. She also appreciates the individual attention that Dr. Marinic gives to his patients. Lina has gotten …

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Patients 6


Dr. Marinic has done three dental implants for Tony, and several CEREC crowns and fillings. He’s very happy with all of them. But the real story that Tony likes to tell has to do with something that seemed very simple, but disturbing: he had a bad taste in his mouth. And no matter what he …

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Patients 7


Robin came in to us 2 years ago, suffering with a lot of pain and bone loss in her mouth. She had nearly given up on fixing her smile. Dr. Marinic met with her and did a thorough exam, including a Galileos 3D CT scan, which showed him exactly what was going on with her …

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Patients 8


Craig has been a patient of Dr. Marinic’s for over 15 years, and has come in for dental maintenance and care. He’s had several crowns and inlays, and is always interested in finding out about the newest technology that Dr. Marinic has added to his office. Most recently, Craig came in to ask Dr. Marinic …

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Patients 9


When Bette retired from teaching a few years ago, she knew that it was time for her to pursue her dream of an acting career. She started taking acting classes and performing in local theatre productions, but she felt that what she really needed to boost her confidence was a smile makeover. Dr. Marinic was …

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Patients 10


A basketball player, Shon suffered an injury in high school when his two front teeth were hit. The original damage was repaired in the emergency room, but over time the trauma spread. When Shon came to Dr. Marinic, the doctor spotted the continuing trauma on his x-rays. After discussing all of his options, Shon elected …

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