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North Shore dentist Daniel Marinic has been providing high-quality, state-of-the-art dental treatment to his patients for more than 26 years. A Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, he has undergone more than 1300 hours of advanced clinical training in complex dental procedures.

In addition to his advanced training in many general dental procedures, Dr. Marinic has pioneered high tech dental treatment and diagnosis in the Chicago area. In 1996, Dr. Marinic pioneered the use of CEREC to produce high-quality, perfectly matched dental crowns and bridges, here in his office, in about an hour. CEREC “One Visit” dentistry has made multiple visits and temporary crowns a thing of the past for thousands of patients.

In 2007, Dr. Marinic became the first dentist to install the Galileos Cone Beam 3D imager as a tool for diagnosis and treatment planning for those considering dental implants. Use of this device virtually eliminates the guess work from implant surgery, and enables Dr. Marinic to see and plan for any complexities before he begins your treatment.

Dr. Marinic has successfully completed thousands of dental restoration, cosmetic and implant cases, helping North Shore residents restore their teeth to full health and function. Come in for a consultation today, and find out how Dr. Marinic can help you transform your smile.

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One-Visit CEREC crowns, bridges and dental restorations

CEREC milling machine at North Shore Dental.

Dr. Marinic uses the CEREC milling machine to craft your crown or bridge.

CEREC computer-assisted technology allows Dr. Marinic to design, mill and place your all-ceramic crown or bridge in a single office visit.

You no longer need to use a temporary device while an outside lab prepares your permanent crown. And because Dr. Marinic has extensive experience with the CEREC equipment, you can be sure that your new crown or bridge will be an excellent fit.

Learn more about CEREC technology..


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Galileos Cone Beam 3D imaging

GALILEOS is a 3D diagnostic technology that sets new standards by combining the lowest radiation dosage with superior image quality. The Cone Beam is a hybrid CT scanning device that is a fraction of the size of a bulky medical scanner, and enables Dr. Marinic to obtain a specialized scan of the head and neck that now provides unsurpassed technical data.

Dr. Marinic was the first dentist to install a Galileos Cone Beam scanner in his private practice, and he is very experienced in the use of the scanner to obtain the most detailed and exact information possible in a complete, three dimensional image of your mouth, jaw and skull.

Using this detailed imaging enables Dr. Marinic to view all parts of your jaw, mouth, and skull, ensuring that he can plan every part of your implant treatment thoroughly before he begins.


Galileos x-ray machine at Highland Park Dental Office    

The Galileos machine can rapidly photograph every angle necessary. The images that Dr. Marinic gets from the Galileos enable him to plan worry-free implant surgery.

Learn more about Galileos here.

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SiCAT Virtual Treatment Guides

virtual surgery at North Shore Dental office

Virtual surgery planning means that Dr. Marinic can make every critical decision before your surgery ever begins.


To plan your dental implant surgery, Dr. Marinic uses an innovative computer-aided design system called SiCAT Guides. The SiCAT system was designed for use with the Galileos imaging system to ensure the best possible accuracy in placing dental implants.

Implants placed with SiCAT Guides are incredibly accurate, compared to “freehand” implant placement. Particularly in cases where there is substantial bone loss, or there are few remaining teeth, it can be quite difficult to accurately place the implant posts using freehand placement.

By carefully planning your surgery digitally and obtaining exact guides for the surgery, Dr. Marinic can provide you with implant surgery that is very accurate, less invasive than freehand implant placement, and more likely to heal rapidly, resulting in an extremely durable, well-aligned new tooth.

Learn more about SiCAT Guides dental implant surgery here.

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North Shore mercury filling removal

Swiss IQ Air Filtration

Dr. Marinic is very careful about safety when he is removing your mercury fillings..

Patients and dentists alike are at risk of exposure to toxic levels of mercury every time an amalgam (mercury dental filling of silver color) is removed from a tooth. A full 50% of dental fillings are mercury, and when they are drilled out the vapor is highly concentrated with toxic gas. Mercury is a potent neurotoxin which can be absorbed quickly by the patient and dentist through inhalation.

When he is removing mercury-containing amalgam fillings, Dr. Marinic uses the highest quality air filtration system from IQAir, a Swiss-based company with demonstrated high filtration efficiency. This system provides safety for both doctor and patient when the toxic gases are released.

Learn more about the safe removal of fillings which contain mercury.


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 Laser gum surgery in WilmetteDental laser gum surgery

Dr. Marinic has been using a soft-tissue laser for over 15 years to provide his patients with a comfortable alternative to gum surgery. The Sirolase laser can be used to improve a "gummy" smile and to treatminor periodontal disease, all without the scalpel, sutures and pain associated with traditional gum treatment.

Learn more about laser gum treatment.

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Intraoral camera

intraoral camera at Glenview dentist officeIntraoral cameras are tiny digital cameras that fit comfortably in your mouth.

With this tiny camera, Dr. Marinic can see and magnify even the hard to reach places in your mouth, so that he can see exactly what is going on. He can enlarge the pictures on a computer screen, so that you can view them as well.

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DIAGNOdent laser-assisted cavity detection

Using DIAGNOdent laser technology, Dr. Marinic can detect early tooth decay without taking the chance of missing cavities. Dr. Marinic pioneered the use of the DIAGNOdent laser, serving as a beta tester for the device, and helping to obtain FDA approval. As a result, he can use it expertly to detect even the smallest problems before they become large.


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Robin came in to us 2 years ago, suffering with a lot of pain and bone loss in her mouth. She had nearly given up on fixing her smile.

Dr. Marinic met with her and did a thorough exam, including a Galileos 3D CT scan, which showed him exactly what was going on with her teeth and jaw. Together, they set up a treatment plan that would result in Robin smiling again.

Robin says that the thing that she appreciates most about her treatment -- other than her new, beautiful smile -- is the friendliness with which Dr. Marinic and his team treated her. She says, "Dr. Marinic really does treat you like a friend. It's very friendly, and I actually feel close to him and his staff.

When Bob first came to see Dr. Marinic, he had not been to the dentist for a while, and his teeth and gums were showing the signs of that neglect. Dr. Marinic worked with Bob to put together a treatment plan that would restore his teeth and gums to a healthy, functional condition.

First, Dr. Marinic used laser gum therapy to restore Bob's gums to healthy function. Bob told us that he was surprised when the treatment didn't hurt.

Bob also underwent treatment to have his old amalgam (mercury) fillings safely replaced with tooth-colored, biocompatible fillings. His large inlays and onlays were replaced rapidly, using the CEREC milling machine right here in our office.

When Bob's two front teeth could not be saved, Dr. Marinic restored his smile with a perfectly crafted bridge.

Bob's been very pleased with his dental care, and also with the way in which Dr. Marinic has helped him to understand the entire process. Says Bob, "I have learned from Dr. Marinic and his staff to take better care of my teeth, so that they should last another 30 years."

Evelyn has a beautiful smile, and Dr. Marinic has been very happy to help her keep it healthy and beautiful over the last twenty–six years.

When she first came to see Dr. Marinic, she had crowns on her top front teeth that she was not happy with, and crooked bottom teeth. Dr. Marinic replaced her top crowns with crowns that were the correctly-matched size and color, and used more crowns to help her straighten her bottom teeth.

When Evelyn cracked an incisor near the gumline, a crown was not an option. Dr. Marinic considered an implant to replace the tooth, but first checked Evelyn's medications. When her medications indicated that she was not a qualified candidate for implant surgery, Dr. Marinic instead gave Evelyn a permanent bridge. She was very happy with this restoration, saying, "Dr. Marinic is very conscious about both aesthetics and function. He is a perfectionist."