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Although gum disease is the #1 cause of tooth loss in adults, quite a few people avoid treatment for gum disease because they are fearful that treatment will be invasive or painful. It doesn't have to be. For mild cases of gum disease, North Shore dentist Dr. Daniel Marinic offers gentle cleaning and scaling to remove the bacteria causing the disease.

Comfortable Perio Protect treatment for gum disease

Dr. Marinic's state-of-the-art treatment provides rapid, safe and comfortable gum treatment. Using Perio Protect, Dr. Marinic can treat his patients comfortably.

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If you are concerned about gum disease, please come in and let Dr. Marinic evaluate your situation. When you come in for your Consultation, you'll receive:

  • Smile evaluation;

  • Dr. Marinic will listen to your needs;

  • Fully explain your options;

  • Review possible procedures.

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What is gum disease?

gum disease treatment in WilmettePeriodontal disease is an infection of the gum and bone which support the teeth. Left untreated, it can cause the bone to dissolve, which leads to loose teeth and ultimately the loss of teeth.

Periodontal disease is the primary really that adults lose teeth; more than 75 million Americans over the age of 35 suffer from gum disease. Gum disease is more common than stroke, cancer heart disease, and Alzheimer’s combined.

It has been proven that gum disease increases the risk of developing many other diseases:

  • Heart Disease can be increased by 150%

  • Chances of stroke can increase by 300%

  • The risk of having a premature birth or delivering a low birth weight baby can be increased by 700%

  • The increased risk of respiratory infection can be increased by 500%

Gum disease starts when bacteria accumulate on the teeth and form dental plaque. If the plaque is not removed thoroughly, it will attach to the root surface inside the gum and produce a pocket, causing constant irritation to the adjacent gum. The gum becomes swollen, will appear slightly to moderately red, and can result in frequent bleeding. When the gums reach this stage, it is called gingivitis.

If gingivitis is not controlled, the bone will begin to dissolve in order to avoid bacteria. Once the bone begins to dissolve, we call this state of gum disease periodontitis. Eventually, the teeth become loose and may abscess or be lost.


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Dental Restoration
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When Bob first came to see Dr. Marinic, he had not been to the dentist for a while, and his teeth and gums were showing the signs of that neglect. Dr. Marinic worked with Bob to put together a treatment plan that would restore his teeth and gums to a healthy, functional condition.

First, Dr. Marinic used laser gum therapy to restore Bob's gums to healthy function. Bob told us that he was surprised when the treatment didn't hurt.

Bob also underwent treatment to have his old amalgam (mercury) fillings safely replaced with tooth-colored, biocompatible fillings. His large inlays and onlays were replaced rapidly, using the CEREC milling machine right here in our office.

When Bob's two front teeth could not be saved, Dr. Marinic restored his smile with a perfectly crafted bridge.

Bob's been very pleased with his dental care, and also with the way in which Dr. Marinic has helped him to understand the entire process. Says Bob, "I have learned from Dr. Marinic and his staff to take better care of my teeth, so that they should last another 30 years."