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Daniel Marinic, DDS, FAGD of Wilmette

Dr. Daniel Marinic has been providing Chicago's North Shore residents with complete dental restoration for more than 26 years.

If you are in need of extensive dental work, Evanston dentist Dr. Daniel Marinic can competently handle even the most complex cases right in the convenient comfort of this office. And every step of the way, thanks to Dr. Marinic's exacting techniques and practice, you will know exactly what to expect.

 In most cases, Dr. Marinic will be able to do all the treatment that you need to completely restore your mouth to full health, function and beauty, including all steps necessary to place and restore dental implants.

In addition to his advanced training in many general dental procedures, Dr. Marinic has pioneered high tech dental treatment and diagnosis in the Chicago area. In 1996, Dr. Marinic pioneered the use of CEREC to produce high-quality, perfectly matched dental crowns and bridges, here in his office, in about an hour. CEREC “One Visit” dentistry has made multiple visits and temporary crowns a thing of the past for thousands of patients.

In 2007, Dr. Marinic became the first dentist to install the Galileos Cone Beam 3D imager as a tool for diagnosis and treatment planning for those considering dental implants. Use of this device virtually eliminates the guess work from implant surgery, and enables Dr. Marinic to see and plan for any complexities before he begins your treatment.

Dr. Marinic has successfully completed hundreds of dental restoration, cosmetic cases, helping North Shore residents restore their teeth to full health and function. Come in for a consultation today, and find out how Dr. Marinic can help you transform your smile.

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Wondering what can be done about your smile?

Oral consultation in Highland Park

Come in for a Consultation with Dr. Marinic.

You will get a comprehensive exam, and Dr. Marinic will review your treatment options with you and help you decide on the best course of treatment.

And if you have already been told that you need dental work, come in and get a second opinion from Dr. Marinic, a leading dentist who uses the most advanced technology to provide you with comprehensive, high quality treatment.


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Restoring your smile to full health and beauty

Comprehensive diagnosis for accurate treatment

smile restoration by North Shore Dentist

The Galileos CT scanner can rapidly photograph every angle necessary for an accurate diagnosis.

When you and Dr. Marinic decide that it is time to restore your smile to complete health, function and beauty, you will work together as partners until your restoration is complete.

In addition to a comprehensive oral examination and xrays, Dr. Marinic will photograph your mouth and jaw using our intraoral camera. Dr. Marinic may take a wax impression of your teeth as well. He will use the Galileos Cone Beam CT scanner to take detailed, three dimensional images of your head and neck, so that he can have a complete view of what is happening to your teeth, gums, jaw joint, and underlying bone.

His complete set of diagnostic tools and images will enable Dr. Marinic to completely diagnose your situation, and make accurate predictions and recommendations. You will know exactly what needs to be done, and what to expect from each stage of your treatment.

Full explanation of your treatment plan before you begin

Glenview Dentist retoring a smile

Dr. Marinic will use your 3D images to help him show you exactly what is happening with your mouth, and what treatment you need.

When your diagnostic materials are complete, Dr. Marinic will review them with you in detail, and discuss with you the treatment options that are available to restore your smile., and decide what you would like to have your smile look like. The choice will always be up to you.

Some procedures can be done in a single sitting; others may require multiple visits. If it's appropriate for your treatment, Dr. Marinic may give you temporaries to try. He will make sure that you are happy with the size, shape and function of your temporaries, and then proceed to provide you with permanent teeth that you will absolutely love.


Dr. Marinic has helped thousands of patients reconstruct their smiles, but he is very aware that each case is unique.  He will carefully design a treatment plan for you that is right for you and only you. With many options for treatment at his fingertips, he will make sure that you have the beautiful, healthy smile that you want.

The procedures that Dr. Marinic may use in your dental reconstruction can include:


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Case Histories

Dental Implants / Implant-supported denture

Before                              After

Before implant-supported denture by North Shore Dentist      after implant-supported dentures by Wilmette Dentist


Our patient, a 70 year old male, had worn a lower denture partial for years. Because of the wear and tear on soft and hard tissues in the lower jaw (not unusual for long term denture wearers), the patient sustained considerable bone resorption. His remaining lower teeth were severely deteriorated.

Pain became unbearable as the denture created increasing pressure on the mandibular nerve. The patient eventually was forced to stop using a lower denture. Soon after, because of eating difficulty, the patient began to lose considerable weight.


When the patient first presented in our office, Dr. Marinic was able to determine that the patient could be a candidate for a specialized implant system that would take the best advantage of his unique jawbone structure. Some areas of the mandible were healthy and had sufficient bone material that could support a custom implant solution.

Dr. Marinic surgically located the delicate mandibular nerve and was able to develop specific treatment methods that eliminated additional risk for damaging this critical nerve tissue.

Dr. Marinic extracted the remaining teeth in the patient's lower jaw. Implants were placed in healthy areas of the jaw. Since a specialized extraction procedure was used that did not further compromise the patient's bone structures, a total of four implants were placed, enabling the fitting of an implant secured denture

After a three month healing period, the patient returned to have a specialized impression taken so that Dr. Marinic could specially craft an implant-supported denture that would meet all of his needs. The specifications were taken digitally and sent to our in-office lab to manufacture a titanium framework for the prosthesis lab that would match the implant and jaw structure comfortably.

When the prosthetic base was completed, Dr. Marinic fit teeth to the structure, and had the patient try it out for phonetics, esthetics, and function. When he was sure that the teeth would fit and function perfectly, Dr. Marinic processed the teeth in our in-house laboratory to perfectly color-match the patient's smile. The new teeth were then permanently attached to the implant abutments.


When his new teeth were placed, the patient looked at his new smile, which now provided normal support for the cheeks and lip structures. He said "Maybe now I can get a kiss!"

The patient was thrilled with his new teeth, his appearance and his renewed ability to eat just about anything he wanted.

Smile Makeover: Implants, Crowns and Porcelain Veneers


1      1


1      1


Our patient, a "50 something" successful Cook County area businesswoman, had a high visibility profession that involved routine contact with business executives. She was becoming self conscious about her smile. Older restorations including gold onlays, porcelain with metal crowns, composite veneers and porcelain with metal bridges had all begun to fail or show signs of significant, yet normal wear.

Porcelain was fracturing off and certain wear factors reflecting a the development of a poor bite occlusion relationship. Overuse of teeth whitening compounds were affecting both her gum tissues and tooth enamel, causing additional problems of tooth sensitivity.


After consulting with the patient and providing her with several different treatment choices, it was decided that all restorative products and procedures would incorporate the use of premium porcelain materials. Her smile makeover included 10 veneers, 3 dental implants, and multiple crowns.


Not only does our patient have great looking teeth... but she is now able to smile more normally. Notice how the upper lip now travels up further, revealing a broader smile.

Smiling with confidence is now effortless for our patient. She senses it has improved her on the job functioning as a sales executive and has caused many of her acquaintances to comment on how dazzling her smile is.

More Case Histories

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Robin came in to us 2 years ago, suffering with a lot of pain and bone loss in her mouth. She had nearly given up on fixing her smile.

Dr. Marinic met with her and did a thorough exam, including a Galileos 3D CT scan, which showed him exactly what was going on with her teeth and jaw. Together, they set up a treatment plan that would result in Robin smiling again.

Robin says that the thing that she appreciates most about her treatment -- other than her new, beautiful smile -- is the friendliness with which Dr. Marinic and his team treated her. She says, "Dr. Marinic really does treat you like a friend. It's very friendly, and I actually feel close to him and his staff.

When Bob first came to see Dr. Marinic, he had not been to the dentist for a while, and his teeth and gums were showing the signs of that neglect. Dr. Marinic worked with Bob to put together a treatment plan that would restore his teeth and gums to a healthy, functional condition.

First, Dr. Marinic used laser gum therapy to restore Bob's gums to healthy function. Bob told us that he was surprised when the treatment didn't hurt.

Bob also underwent treatment to have his old amalgam (mercury) fillings safely replaced with tooth-colored, biocompatible fillings. His large inlays and onlays were replaced rapidly, using the CEREC milling machine right here in our office.

When Bob's two front teeth could not be saved, Dr. Marinic restored his smile with a perfectly crafted bridge.

Bob's been very pleased with his dental care, and also with the way in which Dr. Marinic has helped him to understand the entire process. Says Bob, "I have learned from Dr. Marinic and his staff to take better care of my teeth, so that they should last another 30 years."

Evelyn has a beautiful smile, and Dr. Marinic has been very happy to help her keep it healthy and beautiful over the last twenty–six years.

When she first came to see Dr. Marinic, she had crowns on her top front teeth that she was not happy with, and crooked bottom teeth. Dr. Marinic replaced her top crowns with crowns that were the correctly-matched size and color, and used more crowns to help her straighten her bottom teeth.

When Evelyn cracked an incisor near the gumline, a crown was not an option. Dr. Marinic considered an implant to replace the tooth, but first checked Evelyn's medications. When her medications indicated that she was not a qualified candidate for implant surgery, Dr. Marinic instead gave Evelyn a permanent bridge. She was very happy with this restoration, saying, "Dr. Marinic is very conscious about both aesthetics and function. He is a perfectionist."