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Types & symptoms

Benefits of laser treatment

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Dr. Marinic is a trusted, knowledgeable dentist. He has been treating cold sores since 1993 with laser treatment. In general, the laser is used without anesthesia and can treat most common forms of cold sores and oral herpes. If caught in the early stages of an outbreak, cold sores can be stopped from continuing, and in many cases may never return in that site again!

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Cold sores can be a regular nuisance for you. There isn’t an actual cure for them but there is a solution to managing and reducing the symptoms and frequency. They are called fever blisters as well. They pop up around the lip/mouth area and look swollen and irritated. In the case of cold sores the timing of the treatment makes a difference in the outcome. The virus resides in the nerve endings. The most effective time for treatment is during the first 24-48 hours of the symptoms, usually noticeable by the “tingling sensation”. In the majority of cases, treatment at this time prevents the virus from continuing to duplicate. In many cases the lesion NEVER recurs in this site! Dr. Marinic has had many patients who have not had an outbreak for 18 years.



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Types and Symptoms


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Type 1: The canker sore

Is a type of mouth ulcer which presents as a painful open sore inside the mouth. They are not contagious.

Type 2: Cold sore or fever blisters

These are outside or on the mouth, are red in color and are contagious.



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The laser is used in a non-contact mode without anesthesia.

Benefits of laser treatment


  • •   Laser treatment greatly reduces the chances of scarring

  • •   The laser makes the virus vanish in the area that it’s located in, preventing further outbreaks

  • •  Lesions heal within 24-72 hours after treatment

  • •  Provides immediate pain relief

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